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Introduction and rules

Doom Unblocked is the unblocked version of doom games and is available to play online! Holy cow! This beast of a game is finally unblocked! I know you are hyped guys! I am hyped too! Come on, how can you not be hyped about this old-school classic coming in unblocked version! We can play it anywhere now guys! There are no limits! I don’t even want to imagine that someone is going to say that they don’t know what Doom is! you call yourself a gamer and you don’t know what doom is? get the hell out of here! This is classic man! all right, all right. I will explain to you what this glorious game is about. Have you heard of Wolfenstein? Hmm, well what about Quake? Still nothing? At least Call of Duty? You have to heard about that at least. And that is what Doom is about!


All right, Doom is not really like Call of Duty. One thing they have in common is that they both are shooter games. Better game to compare it with is Wolfenstein, because their older versions are really similar and they had same game engine. Now what is Doom about? It is about kicking some demon ass baby! Yes, you are US marine sent to mars. And your mission is to fight through hell and kill all the demons. There are going to be some big-ass demons too. But you will have certain guns to take them down. Fight your way through hell and defeat the army of Satan!

Game modes

Doom Unblocked has Single-Player mode baby! Why? Because it is old-school! I know new Doom games also have Multi-Player mode. Where you can play with or against your friends even as the demon. Yep, you heard that right, you can play as the demon too. But that is not the point. Well technically OG doom does not have modes, but we have some scenarios to play through. And also, difficulty man. play it on nightmare difficulty and then tell me that this is not the new experience.

How to play Doom Unblocked?

Game controls:

  • For going forward – Up Arrow key.
  • In order to move left – Left Arrow Key.
  • For moving right – Right Arrow Key.
  • In order to go back – Down Arrow key.
  • For shooting – Right or Left Ctrl Key.

Tips and Tricks:

Welcome to mars marine! Always loved that phrase from Doom 3. But we are talking about classic Doom now baby! Well you are looking for tips. And this is no surprise cause come on! You are trying to survive through hell! But this time you are trying to survive through hell literally! That is not easy for anyone man! here are some tips for you marine:

  • Find your G spot. Am, sorry. I mean find your good spot. Get comfortable with controls, it is essential for you.
  • Run like the wind! You guys know doom is fast phased game, learning how to keep moving all the time helps you to beat most of the enemies!
  • Do not forget about chainsaw! This is the best weapon in the game! well not the best, but definitely most fun to play with.
  • And last but not least, kill everything on your way!