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Dead Zed

Dead Zed

Introduction and rules

Dead Zed Unblocked is the unblocked version of Dead Zed game series and is available to play online! No more waiting to go back to home to play it man! You can finally play it at school, at work and even at libraries. Don’t believe me? Go and check by yourself. Guess it is the good news for fans. Now, for one’s who have not heard about this game, don’t worry I am going to tell you some. First of all, the name of the game sounds somewhat confusing, right? You might think that you play as dead guy, or zombie or whatever. But the truth is that it’s just another zombie game. Yep, you know that awesomely popular zombie game Dead Trigger, right? Well, Dead Zed Unblocked is similar to that! But, instead of modern tech and all that stuff, you have to fight zombies on your local farm.


Okay, we covered main idea of the game. Let’s talk more. As we already said, in this game you fight zombies at farm. I know it might not sound exciting at first, but trust me it is. And the goal of this game is also challenging. You have to stand alone against the army of dead for 40 days. Sounds like a fun challenge, right? Well it really is. And if you are a fan of zombie shooter games, make sure to check this one out too.

Game modes

Sorry guys, we only have Single-Player mode here. But you know what? As we already said we have 40 levels here. So, you will have some content to explore.

How to play Dead Zed Unblocked?

Nothing magical bust still, here are the Game controls:

  • Use Mouse to aim and shoot.
  • Click R for reload.
  • Use F to change fire mode.
  • Click 1,2 to change between weapons.
  • Use M to mute.
  • Click Esc to open menu.

Tips and Tricks:

Hello lone survivor! What a day to be alive, right? I feel you man. It’s not like everyday you wake up and see the army of zombies around you. Well, everything can happen in this world mate. We took a picture of Supermassive Black Hole. I mean could you even imagine that thousands year before? Of course, not. But we are here. Point is, everything happens so don’t let that beat you down. We got some tips to help you man.

  • Guns are important against zombies. It’s obvious thing but still. Some players forget to look around and search for better guns, don’t do that. If you want to be last man standing you have to look for best guns you can get.
  • Work on your aim! Shooting zombies in head is always good option, but you will see that it is not that easy to do it here.