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Curveball Unblocked

Curveball Unblocked

Introduction and rules

Curveball Unblocked is the unblocked version of Curveball game and is available to play online! I will be straight. I know most of you may have not heard about this game. And I am not really amazed by that. I mean it’s not like fresh or bad game, but still. Not as popular as other flash games. so, let me introduce it to you. First of all, I will say that this game is simple. And it takes roots back in the first computers era. Yes, you are not mistaken. This game is like pong. Yes, that first pc game. But of course, it is not complete copycat of that game. Thing they are look alike in is that they both are pong games. so yep. Have fun.


I will give you some details here. We said that it’s like pong. To be more accurate it is 3D version of pong. And not like pong you can not play with your friend here. You are playing only against computer. It is also really like that table hokey games you have at movie theatres. Well game is 3D. you have your blue square with which you hit the ball and then you have to place that blue square so that it bounces the ball back. You got the idea.

Game modes

Single-Player is way to go my man. Well you know, you might had fought that it would have two-player mode too, but nope. Unfortunately, you can only play against computer. But it gets challenging in later levels, so do not worry. There is stuff to play with.

How to play Curveball Unblocked?

Game controls: Nothing complicated is awaiting you here. You Just need your friendly Mouse. And your quick reaction time is crucial of course.

Tips and Tricks:

Well hey there my man! Are you looking for some help? Do not be shy brother. Pong is not the easy game. It even takes years for Asian guys to master it. And I mean you know what that means right? Asian guys are always smarter than us, regular humans. So, it is even harder for us. So, do not worry, it is not the thing that you are not smart. It is the thing that you need some help. Here are some tips that will help:

  • First of all, learn how the ball moves. I mean ball changes the direction depending on how you hit it with your blue square. Study how it changes and use it in your advantage.  
  • Second advice will be to use your surroundings. I know there is not much use to, but that walls that you have over there will help you too.