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Introduction and rules

Cubefield is score hunting game that everyone loved back in the days. I am talking about games like Tetris, Pong, Atari Breakout and etc. You know the games where the goal the game is simple. Last as long as you can. I mean of course Tetris was not only that, in Tetris you really had to turn your brains on to predict the logic. But other games like that where pretty simple, yet challenging. Cubefield is no exception to them. I remember back in the days, games like Breakout and spending hours on them just to get the highest scores. It was really fun to compare scores with friends and challenge their high scores too. There where, many games like that back then. I know it sounds really stupid for new generation but hey. Back in the day we even did not had internets.  So yeah, this games where awesome!


All right, we got the main idea of this game I guess, but let’s have a deeper look. The main goal in this game as we already said is to stay alive as long as you can. You are an arrow here.  And yes, you have to avoid blocks and stay alive like that. I mean it does not sound challenging at first. It looks like another lame game, but you will be surprised how addictive in reality it is. Yes, design is pretty simple and its arcade game, but there are many arcade games which are fun to play. I guess we can at least agree on that.

Game modes

I mean this game is old as hell, do you really expect it to have multiplayer available? We got only Single-Player mode, but this mode is addictive as hell too.

How to play Cubefield?

Game controls:

  • Use Right Arrow Key to move right.
  • Click Left Arrow Key to move left.
  • Use P Key to go pause.
  • Click Q Key to change quality.

Tips and Tricks:

Well, I guess there is no big need to explain how to control arrow. But I guess there still are some of you who are looking for tips. Well, there is only one thing I can suggest:

  • This game seems easy at first but do not be fooled. Once you get comfy it speeds up like fire and it will be challenging for you to stay alive. So keep an eye on that.