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Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes

Introduction and rules

Clicker Heroes unblocked is the unblocked version of your beloved Clicker Heroes franchise and is available to play online! Yes, man you are not dreaming. The game you have spent hours and hours on your smartphone is finally online. And you know what is the best thing about it? You can play it anywhere. Yes, anywhere you want and by that, I mean at school and at work, and even at library. Yep, sounds awesome right? Well because it is! And also, great thing about it is that it has not cut anything from the original game. Well it maybe a little disappointing that there are no updates in unblocked version, but hey. It’s not called Clicker Heroes 2 or updated, right? So here is that.


Well I do not know how it might be possible that you have not heard about this game. But if in some kind of magic way that is a case for you, I will help. Clicker Heroes Unblocked is what the name suggests it to be. You click with heroes. Ok, it’s somewhat more than that. Here you are a hero, who kills outrageous monsters by clicking on them. By clicking you deal the damage and more damage you deal faster you kill the monsters. There are also several heroes in the game, to be exact if my memory is not mistaken there are 54 of them. In order to level up and buy new heroes you have to spend some gold. And in order to get the gold you have to kill monsters. Higher level monster gives more gold. And, higher level heroes deal more damage. It’s simple.

Game modes

This game has only one single player mode, but it’s hell lot of fun, so don’t turn your back and give it a try.

How to play Clicker Heroes Unblocked?

Game controls: Its easy, click on your mouse dough.

Tips and Tricks:

This game is pretty simple at first, but on higher levels it gets somewhat difficult. That’s because monsters on higher levels are getting harder to kill if you do not level up. In order to level up your character you can simply click level up button next to its name. You can also use Shift key + level up to level up your character by 10 levels. You can use Z key + level up to level by 25 levels. Ctrl key + level up will increase 100 levels. Q key + level up will increase heroes, level as much as it is possible, depending on how much gold you have. Remember that in order to level up you need gold, so farm as much as possible.