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Braiiinz! Sorry, could not resist that. As you have already may guessed we are rocking with zombie theme here. And nothing represents zombies better then screaming Braiiinz! All right, so we love zombies. There is no doubt about that. I mean we don’t literally love the zombies, but we love movies and games and comics and all pop art related to the zombies. Come on, who have not watched at least one movie about zombies? I literally can not tell one single person around me who has not watched and loved zombie movies. Me myself really love movies like 28 days and 28 weeks later. Still waiting for 28 months later to happen, but guess it is like Half-Life 3. And yeah, well I know that technically Half-Life 2 is not a zombie game, but really loved that night mission with head grabbing monsters.

Unblocked Games

All righty then. You all know what unblocked games are already. But I will still repeat it, just in case. Well unblocked games give you opportunity to play your beloved flash games anywhere you want. Some games might be blocked at your school or at work. But with unblocked games you will not have problem. You will be able to play them as much as you want! Well someone might think why would anyone want to play zombie games at school, but you know what? Everybody is different and everyone has different taste in games too. For example, me myself sometimes just want to shoot some zombie ass while on launch break at office. Playing Dead Trigger 2 is no option, cause my PC sucks. So, I get on this website and shoot some zombies. And yes, we do have some awesome zombie games you can play on our website!


So, what are the zombie games available on our website? Well I am about to list some of them down here so you can go and enjoy!

Doom Unblocked

Well, you don’t need introduction to the cult classic! Everyone knows Doom and everyone knows that this is the most badass game ever created! While technically you are not slaying only zombies in this game, there still are some zombie soldiers to slay too. And I guess you won’t mind shooting some demon asses alongside with that too.

Zombocalypse 2 unblocked

Now Zombocalypse 2 unblocked is your classic zombie game. Here you face army of dead and your mission is to kill them all! And survive of course. You will have different weapons in order to get rid of army of dead, but after some levels it gets really hard.

Earn to Die unblocked

Let me think. Well, have you ever wanted to drive through army of dead and blast their heads with heavy machine gun? Look no more! This game will give you that and not only that.

Earn to Die 2 unblocked

It is the same game as previous one, but this time you will have even more and bigger trucks! And more and bigger guns! Some new zombies too! So, go around kill damn zombies!

Dead Zed unblocked

Looking for some zombie shooter game? we got that too! Dead Zed unblocked is your regular zombie shooter. Remember Land of The Dead game? where you shoot zombies at your local farm? Well this game is like that too!

Dead Zed 2 unblocked

It’s the same game but with better graphics and new features! Yes, if you want to literally shoot some zombies with sniper rifle, go ahead and play this game! you will not get disappointed!

Zombotron 2 unblocked

Guess I have not to introduce this game either. Why? Because it is one of the best 2D flash zombie shooter games of all time! And I am not just speaking that myself. This game has won several awards! You really won’t find better 2D zombie shooter game than this! And graphics and sound design are really amazing too!

13 days in hell unblocked

Yeah, I know. Title of this game sounds like some movie. Well maybe there is movie like that I don’t know, but what I do know that we have this awesome game on our website! This one is little different from other zombie shooter games. Well yes, you do shoot zombies and you have some guns for that. But, first of all you do that in hell! And second of all there are some waves of zombies which you have to clear. It is not like you will go out and explore the world.

Road of the Dead unblocked

Road of the Dead unblocked is similar to the Earn to Die unblocked games. Here you will once again race through the army of dead. But this time you have cabin view instead of 2D view. And also, you don’t have guns mounted on your car this time. You will have to crush zombies with your car and shoot guns with your hand!


  • First of all, pros are that zombie games are always fun!
  • Second of all, if you are zombie theme fan and want to have some fun at school or at work, you won’t be able to find better option than this!
  • Now this is little controversial but some people also relieve stress by playing games like this. I know it sounds strange, but hey. If it works for someone, I am not here to judge.


Well con’s actually will be that we do not have games like DayZ, Resident Evil and other awesome zombie games available in unblocked versions. Other than that, there are no cons’ I can talk about.