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2 Player Games Unblocked



So first of all, let me tell you this. Back in my days most of the games had 2 player option available. Yes, I am talking about old Sony and Sega games. Like Mortal Kombat, Tekken and that stuff. And that stuff was awesome and it stayed awesome till these days. I mean have not you seen new Mortal Kombat? That stuff is really good! Okay point is that 2 player games are good because you can play them with your friends! Of course, playing by yourself is fun too, but it can never beat, at least for me playing with or against my friend. And I mean games like Contra, Siphon Filter and others had that stuff. There still are 2 Player games, which means that there are still people who want to play with their friends or family members.

Unblocked Games

Well you guys already know what unblocked games are. Unblocked version gives you opportunity to play your beloved games anywhere you want. would that be school, work, library or any other place. If you open unblocked version, game is going to load, and you will be able to play.

On our website we do have some unblocked 2 Player games.

Tank Trouble Unblocked is the one which opens our list. It is simple yet fun tank game and you are able to play against your friend here. It even has 3 player mode, but in my opinion that is just overkill for one keyboard.

We also got Boxhead 2 Play Unblocked. Now this game gives you opportunity to play with your buddy against army of zombies. And let all be honest, who does not want to kick some zombie ass with their buddy’s?

Next, we have Bubble Trouble Unblocked. This one is old legend and I think all of you guys know it. You and your friend are going to pop the bubbles together and make them disappear.

Stick Fighter 2 Unblocked is the game where you can beat your friend. Not in real life of course, but in game. You guys play as stick figures and fight each other to death!

Bad Ice Cream Unblocked gives you two unique experience. I mean where else you guys can play as ice-cream cons huh? Be honest. And no, you are not fighting each other here. You are helping each other to get through the levels.

1 On 1 Soccer Unblocked is the next one. You guys played soccer at your home yard. Now you can play on computer. Yes, this one is simple soccer game which you guys can play without buying PES or FIFA.

Big Head Football Unblocked is another football game which you two can play. What’s different from previous one? Well, first of all, you can choose from your favorite football players. And also, graphics and mechanics are different too.

Get on Top Unblocked is different game. I bet you guys have wrestled each other in real life. Now you can do it here too. Yes, this game gives you that opportunity to wrestle your friend and find out who is stronger.

And last but certainly not least, we have Basketball Legends Unblocked. It’s NBA time baby! you and your friend are going to play as NBA stars. And what makes this game awesome is that it has different modes even for 2 players. You can play against your friend. You can play with your friend against two other friends. And you can play with your friend against pc.  So yeah, you and your friend are going to have great time!


2 Player Games Unblocked has some pros:

  • First of all, you and your friend are able to enjoy it anywhere you want!
  • Second, it is free! Free games are always good! Even better when you can play It with your buddy!


Only con I think about this one is that, some 2 Player Games Unblocked are only in 2 player modes. That means you can’t enjoy them without your friend.