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Cat ninja

Cat ninja

Introduction and rules

Cat Ninja Unblocked is the unblocked version of Cat Ninja game series and is available to play online! Hm. Yes! That awesome platformer game is finally available in unblocked version! You can finally play it anywhere you want. Series fans are happy as I see. Good for you guys good for you. Well not everyone is fan here, so for you guys I will explain this game. As we already said it’s 2D platformer and to give you best comparison for this game, I will compare it with Mario. But not your regular Mario, but with new flash Mario games, which are also available on our website. Some fans even compare this game to Unfair Mario. Well yes, this game is not easy, but in my opinion comparing it to unfair Mario is little bit exaggerated.


It would be better to say that this game is like Super Meat Boy. Google that game if you have not heard about that. Reason why I am comparing Cat Ninja Unblocked to that game is because of phase of this game. I mean ninja’s where fast and all but your cat runs fast as hell in this game. Seriously man. Mastering controls is another challenge in this game. But also, you can say that fast phase of game is its best feature and it is what makes this game fun to play. Also, tips in this game is really fun to read too. There are tips in red color which will try to trick you, so keep an eye on that.

Game modes

What? Oh, modes right. Single-Player warrior. Or cat. Yes, single-player is only available mode in Cat Ninja Unblocked. Ninja’s where mostly lone warriors, so I guess that’s not big surprise.

How to play Cat Ninja Unblocked?

Shh! Speak quite! Ninja’s are all about being silent! Here are your game controls! Read them quietly.

  • Use W Key or Up Arrow Key to jump.
  • Click A Key or Left Arrow Key to move left.
  • Use D Key or Right Arrow Key to move right.
  • Click S Key or Down Arrow Key to move down/crouch.
  • Tap on W Key or Up Arrow Key twice in order to perform double jump.

Tips and Tricks:

Hey! Hey you! Want some tips? Quiet! Your master may hear you! No ninja master likes their adepts to be helped. Keep it quiet! Here are some tips, but do not talk about them! Just use them!

  • Use double jumps to get up on the walls! If you got stuck with wall jumps this is the way to do it!
  • Do not ignore magical crystals! Some players think that beating the level is the only point of this game. Well it’s not like they are totally wrong, but you will to gather crystals too.
  • Use the door icon on up-right side of your screen! If you are stuck and don’t know how to continue. Or if you just want to start the game over use that door icon. You will be able to start over.