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Cat Mario

Cat Mario

Introduction and rules

Cat Mario Unblocked is the unblocked version of Cat Mario game and is available to play online anywhere you want. By that I mean that you can play it at school, at work, and even at library. Yes, you are not dreaming with the unblocked version you are able to do that. Okay, so for those who are thinking what Cat Mario Unblocked may be about, let me clear your thoughts out. You remember good old days? I mean good old Atari and other old console days? When you set and played Mario for days? Well I sure do. Well if you don’t remember that days, I know you have heard about Smash Bros or Mario maker. Yes, as you already may have guessed Cat Mario is Mario platform-based game. But still, it is unclear what that Cat thing is about, right? Well it’s about that you play as cat!


As we already said, in this game you play as a cat. I mean it’s clear from name of game itself. But some of you might thought that Mario has turned into a cat, or you have cat ears. But no, you are cat in Mario world. It might not sound exciting at first, but believe me it is worth trying. You have everything that you had in original Mario game and of course you have some new content. New levels, new enemies, new platforms and new world to explore. So, trust me, you will not be bored.

Game modes

Game has only Single-Player mode available, but do not be discouraged by that! This game is not as easy as it might look at first. Yes, I am serious. Do you remember Unfair Mario? Yes, that unbeatable Mario game? Well Cat Mario is not really that hard, but it’s quite challenging to beat too. So yes, you will need some time to master this game too.

How to play Cat Mario Unblocked?

Game controls:

  • Use Num Lock 6 or Right Arrow Key to move right.
  • Click Num Lock 4 or Left Arrow Key to move left.
  • Use Num Lock 2 or Down Arrow Key to go down.
  • Click Num Lock 8 or Up Arrow Key to jump.

Tips and Tricks:

Come on, you really need tips on how to play as cat? Come on bro. Don’t be a pussy. Hehe pun was intended there. All right, jokes aside there is not much to tell here, but this:

  • Not all boxes contain gold. Yes, there are monsters in some of them.
  • You have only 3 life, yes, I know you don’t have 9 life like normal cat.