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Can your pet

Can your pet

Introduction and rules

Can Your Pet Unblocked is the Unblocked version of Can Your Pet game and is available to play online! I don’t even know why I typed that in hyped version. Well guess because its one of the most popular online games! I mean come one guys! Pewdiepie played it, Markeplier played it. Even that Smosh guys played it. And if you are somewhere between 6 to 30, I bet you have heard at least about one of them. Come on even my grandmother knows who Pewdiepie is. Point is that this game is that popular and you will be able to play it anywhere you want! I mean at least that is something to cheer about. Best way to describe this game for newcomers will be to compare it with Tamagotchi. Yes, that old game which all kids loved back in 90’s.


Well if you have not heard of Tamagotchi first of all you can google that. But if you are lazy and don’t want to do that when comparing this game to pet simulators on Facebook will do the trick. What I mean by that is that, in this game you got a chicken and you must grow that chicken. Sounds stupid, right? Well can’t argue about that. But you know what? Just try to play this game for 10 minutes and you will change your idea about it. And twist, omg that twist. It is what makes this game stand out. I really never thought that, that twist is going to happen.

Game modes

Single-Player is the only mode guys. Well Tamagotchi was single player too so yeah. No big changes in here.

How to play Can Your Pet Unblocked?

I mean come on. You are playing with chicken? It’s not rocket science.

You only need to click on things and you use your Mouse for that. 

Tips and Tricks:

Gosh! Someone is looking for tips for Chicken game? Let me throw myself out of the window. Like for real guys? Well I will be honest. There are no tricks in this game, but I will try my best to think about tips.

  • Try different variations. First thing you notice than you start the game is that there are hundreds of things to click on. Try different versions and see what happens.
  • Do not, I repeat do not let kids play this game! Some parents are stupid enough to think that this is a cute game. Wrong! It has really dark twist and if you don’t want your kids to have PTSD do not let them to play this game!