Bush shootout Unblocked Games FREE - Play and Enjoy
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Bush shootout

Bush shootout

Introduction and rules

Bush shootout unblocked is the unblocked version of the Bush shootout game and is available to play online! Yes guys! This awesome old-school flash game has arrived on our website! And you know what’s cool? It is unblocked! Means you can play it anywhere you want guys! Literally anywhere you want! you can play it at school, at library, at work. Anywhere! And noobs listen, if you don’t know what this game is about, just go and check Dead Zed games. Of course, that game is about zombies but the shooting aspect is the same here too. So, go ahead and enjoy the game!


I mean this is really old game! you just have to know this one! if you don’t know, well let me tell. You are playing as a Bush here! not plant bush, but Bush Jr the president! Yes! And your mission is to stand against the enemies of the USA! Just like in real life! And what weapon would Bush choose to do that? M-16 of course!

Game modes

Bush shootout unblocked is the Single-Player mode game. don’t you dare and tell that this game is bad because of this. It is game where sir Bush plays! How game like that can be bad? Plus, we have different awesome campaigns to play through. So yeah, don’t you say that this game is bad because of that!

How to play Bush shootout Unblocked?

Game controls: with your hands! You can also use your legs if you are that much flexible! All right, enough jokes. Truth is you are not going to need any gamepad or controller. Not even the keyboard for this game. you will only need your best friend Mouse here. and what do you need that for? In order to shoot your enemies! What else?

Tips and Tricks:

Sir Bush, what an honor! I mean I really never imagined that I would be honored to meet you. I know this is a game, but still. Never imagined to meet you even at the game too. I am so honored. I see that you are under attack sir. And you need some help. Actually, I see that you are doing pretty well on your own, but need some aid. All right, sir. I have no right to refuse. Here are some tips to help you sir:

  • First of all, master the aim. I know you have served sir, but aim goes away with years. So, you need to relearn that skill. Why? Because it is one real thing that matters in this game.
  • Also, sir, use your cover wisely. Some enemies may enter your room and using cover will help you to stay alive.