Bullet Bill 2 Unblocked Games FREE - Play and Enjoy
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Bullet Bill 2

Bullet Bill 2

Introduction and rules

Bullet Bill 2 unblocked is the unblocked version of Bullet Bill games and is available to play online! Let me explain first guys! Do not rush and tell me that it is another Mario game! I know this bullet looks familiar but It is not the Mario game, ok? If you do not trust me go and check it on your own! All right, I see some noobs want to know what this game is about. All right, I will tell. Imagine Flappy Bird, you remember that game, right? Now imagine that flappy bird is replaced with bullet bill and is thrown in the Mario world. That’s what this game is. I mean there are some other stuff in here, but that sums it up pretty much. And yeah, game is unblocked so do not worry. You can play it anywhere you want. 


Bullet Bill 2 unblocked is the 2D platform game inspired with Mario theme. I say that because bullet bill is from Mario world. But as I already said this game is not Mario game. we are playing as bullet bill and his 8 other friends here! yes, you are able to play as other characters too! The main goal in this game is to get through the levels without crushing into obstacles. And trust me it is really hard to do that. To give you the idea how hard it is, I will say that it is flappy bird hard. Yeah, I guess you understand what is awaiting for you ahead. 

Game modes

Bullet Bill 2 unblocked is the Single-Player game. I am sorry guys, if you where waiting something exciting with modes it is not the case here. but the case here is that you will be able to play not only as Bullet Bill, but as 8 other characters too! Of course, you need to unlock them first, but we will show you how to do that below in tips. 

How to play Bullet Bill 2 Unblocked? 

Game controls:

You are going to control Bullet Bill with Mouse in this one! 

  • X key – in order to return to the menu while game is paused
  • C key – to continue while game is paused
  • Space bar key – in order to pause the game  

Tips and Tricks:

Hello bullet! Please do not go to my head! Sorry, I just had to make that joke. If seriously though, I never thought that I would be talking with bullet. I know you are just a game character and all, but still. Talking to bullet is the new experience for me. And it is really nice at least for me so far. Game is not as easy as you thought it would be, right? I know, I know. You need some help. Do not worry. We are going to give you some tips and also cheats, yea some cheats too! Here they are: 

  • This is one tip I am going to give you. Master the controls! This game is all about that so if you master how to control the bullet bill, you will master how to beat this game! 

Now for the cheats, these are the cheats with which you will be able to open new characters in the game: 

Thwomp – 7H0MP

Super Koopa – 6E7KU

Chain chomp – 8T9HF

Monkey – 3Q7YX

Burning yellow shy guy – 6F4JW 

Gold shell – 9C8PK

Psycity – 9P1WL

Big bill – 8E7UC