Bubble Trouble Unblocked Games FREE - Play and Enjoy
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Bubble Trouble

Bubble Trouble

Introduction and rules

Bubble Shooter Unblocked is the unblocked version of beloved Bubble Shooter game and is available to play online! Yes, that classic Bubble Shooter puzzle is available and you can play it anywhere. Well I don’t know how good that will work on space station, but i  guarantee it works on earth. Jokes aside you can literally play it at school at work and at library too. Mainly anywhere where other games are blocked. Well if somehow you have missed on this game, I will help you to catch up.  I assume that you at least have met some bubble games on your smartphone. Don’t argue I know that you had. Come on, there are so many ads of that games popping out on smartphones that you must be blind not to see them. Okay fine, I will tell what it is about.


It’s about shooting and blasting bubbles, that’s what it is about! I mean it’s not that hard to guess right? After all, the game itself is called Bubble Shooter Unblocked. Well yes, we have a goal here. You must clear the field from bubbles and to do that you must shoot three or more like-colored bubbles. You win when there are no more bubbles left on the field. Sounds easy right? But don’t be miss leaded. Game might get complex sometimes, because it will not always be easy to find like-colored bubbles.

Game modes

This game has two scoring and two playing modes. For scoring modes, we have: Classic and Sniper. And for playing modes, we have Strategy and Arcade mode.

Classic mode is most casual mode, you have no time limit and no shot limits. You just shoot the bubbles and enjoy the ride.

Sniper mode is different, your goal here is to clear bubbles with minimum shots.

For Strategy mode you will get limited shots to clear field and for Arcade mode you get time limit. 

How to play Bubble Shooter Unblocked?

Game controls: Its easy, click on your mouse dough. 

Tips and Tricks:

Well game is pretty simple, so only tip we can give you is that try to choose best options. Yes, that is important and might save your game sometimes.