Basketball Legends Unblocked Games FREE - Play and Enjoy
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Basketball Legends

Basketball Legends

Introduction and rules

Basketball Legends Unblocked is the unblocked version of Basketball Legends game and is available to play online! Calm down bro! It is not the dream! Your favorite online game has arrived in unblocked version man! You can finally play it at school with your friend man! Or you can play it at work with co-workers, it’s up to you guys. Main idea is that it is unblocked and you can play it anywhere man! Oh, what’s that noise? Noobs to this game? Really? OMG man! How in the hell do you not know this game? Well there is nothing I can do. It is my duty to guide you so here it goes. Basketball Legends Unblocked is the basketball simulator game. I know I sound like captain obvious but hey. It’s what this game is about so I can’t do anything with that.


Hmm, that was not enough? All right, you know the NBA games on PC and consoles, right? Now imagine that you can play similar game in your browser with your friends! Of course, graphics are not as cool as in latest NBA games but listen dude. Game weights only 4MB what do you expect it to be? But developers managed to offer you ton of fun man. Graphics is not that bad actually and some super dunks and shots look really good too! Also, you have some achievements to hunt for. And last but not least you can play it with your friend man! What else do you want?

Game modes

Oh boy. We really have many of game modes here. First of all, we have Single-Player mode, Two Player mode and Quick Match mode available. After that we also have sub modes. In Single-Player we have Tournament mode, Random Match mode and Training mode available. In Two Player mode we have Player Vs Player mode, Two Players Vs Two Players mode and Two Players VS PC modes. So yes, in this game you will never run out of things to do.

How to play Basketball Legends Unblocked?

As we said we got two player mode here bro. So, controls vary with players man.

Player 1

  • Use Up Arrow Key to jump.
  • Click Down Arrow Key to pump.
  • Use Left Arrow Key to move left.
  • Click Right Arrow Key to move right.
  • Use Left or Right Arrow Key twice to dash
  • Click Z Key for super shot.
  • Use X Key for action
  • Click X Key for shooting and Down Arrow Key for pumping an attack mode.
  • Use X Key to steal the ball and Down Arrow Key to block the ball in defense mode.

Player 2

  • Use W Key to jump.
  • Click S Key to pump.
  • Use A Key to move left.
  • Click D Key to move right.
  • Use A or D Key twice to dash
  • Click K Key for super shot.
  • Use L Key for action
  • Click L Key for shooting and S Key for pumping an attack mode.
  • Use L Key to steal the ball and S Key to block the ball in defense mode.

Tips and Tricks:

What’s up ma man? Want to hear some tricks about this game player? We got you bro. I mean its basketball dude and you know that it takes practice to master it, right? Here are other tips which may help you out.

  • Play training mode bro! We told you man that you need to practice to master your skills. Playing in training mode will help you to do that.
  • Do not rush on tournaments bro! I know you want to get in NBA hall of fame and all that stuff man. I mean, who does not want that? But if you rush you will get disappointed man. Your enemies will be tough to beat man.
  • You can turn off game music by clicking on sound icon bro! Some of you might want to listen to their hot tapes while playing so with this you can do that.