Awesome Cars Unblocked Games FREE - Play and Enjoy
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Awesome Cars

Awesome Cars

Introduction and rules

Awesome Cars Unblocked is the unblocked version of Awesome Cars game and is available to play online! Now listen all you! This awesome flash game has arrived on our website! It is unblocked and you know what that means! It means its free and you can play it anywhere you want! Hehe boy! Go and play it as fast as you can! It is one of the best car flash games ever made! Yes, if you are into some car fun this game is for you boy!


You want me to explain details so here they are. First of all, Awesome Cars Unblocked is your regular 2D car game. It has classic graphics and level design. And what is most important it has cool sound design too. Yes, in a car game you expect cool action but not every car game has it. But I guarantee that you are going to get that with this one!

Game modes

Now this game does not have too much modes to play with. We do have our regular Single-Player mode. But we also have some levels!  So yeah, that will make your Single Player Mode more fun. For ones who thought that they are going to play it with friends, sorry guys. We do not have that luxury in here.  

How to play Awesome Cars Unblocked?

Game controls:

  • Left Arrow Key – to balance left.
  • Right Arrow Key – to balance right.
  • Spacebar – 

Tips and Tricks:

Well racer. Want to ride some cars? Hey it’s not Nascar here. We are riding some old ass cars and I bet you will need some tips with that. And here they are:

  • First of all, learn the basics controls well. Sounds like obvious thing, but trust me. You mess up with that, you won’t be able to play the game at all.
  • Master the tricks! We have tricks like front flip and backflip.
  • You see thing is that when you do trick like that you get nitro! Yep, and that helps you to move more!