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Atari Breakout

Atari Breakout

Introduction and rules

Atari breakout unblocked is unblocked version of Atari breakout game and is available to play online anywhere you want! Yes, baby that old school legendary game is back! In fact, it never went anywhere but still its back! I know there might be some young lads who don’t know what this game is about, so let me solve this. Sit back, relax and enjoy the story. So, when the first computers came in where was only one game! Sounds boring, right? I know it sounds unbelievable too! How can anyone be satisfied with only one videogame? But at that time, it was a fact. Game was called Pong, yes regular ping-pong game but it was video game. Jaw dropping fact, right? Anyway, Atari breakout was based on that pong game, but instead of playing with another player, you had board with ball and blocks. Sounds impossible but that’s true.


All right, we have somewhat covered the basics of this game but, let’s have a deeper look. Atari breakout is arcade game and at first look it might seem pretty simple. But I assure you do not get fooled by first impressions. I mean you look at it and see that, you have a stick, ball and blocks. You hit blocks with ball and it disappears. And you have to make sure that ball lands on stick. Nothing complicated, right? But when you progress through the game ball starts to move faster. That’s when things start to get trickier. for newcomers especially it will take some time to get used to it. But, overall goal of the game is really simple. You beat the blocks with ball, yeah! Don’t look at me like that, it’s the game from 1970-s, people where savages back then.

Game modes

We are sorry boo-boo, we only got Single-Player mode here. But I guess my old school retro arcade lovers will not be discouraged by this. Game on my friends, game on!

How to play Atari breakout unblocked?

Game controls: You need mouse, yes, it’s that simple. Oh, and you can use Left and Right Arrow keys to move, but it’s better to play with mouse.

Tips and Tricks:

We already said how simple this game is right? So why look for tips? Okay, calm down. We got some.

  • Focus on the speed of the ball, once it speeds up game gets trickier.