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Apple Shooter

Apple Shooter

Introduction and rules

Apple Shooter Unblocked is the unblocked version of Apple Shooter game and is available to play online! I am not going to jump on the hype train and do things like that. You all know what this game is and you all are happy. Yes, unblocked version means that you are going to play it anywhere you want. And yes, you can pass time at work, at school and at library too. Nothing magical man. It’s just that legendary Apple Shooter game is now Unblocked! Ah, it’s hard to resist the hype. Come on man, this is the game of my childhood. How can I not be hyped about this? If you somehow happen to not know this game, here is what I suggest you to do. First thing fist, go and ask google and for second go and watch on Youtube.


What? You still want me to describe this game? OMG! All right. Here is how it goes. You are archer and you have bow and arrows. Your friend or whoever is standing on the other side of map with apple on his head. Your goal is to shoot the arrow in the apple. Yes, your goal is not to shoot your friend in the head but to shoot the apple! This is very important. What else? Oh, game is in 2D platform and does not have mighty graphics. But it was made before the creation of universe so I am not complaining about that. So, what is the challenge? Well hitting the arrow in apple is the challenge. After hitting the apple, you end up in new level and have to shoot on longer distance. Here is your challenge!

Game modes

Oh, my goodness, oh my lord. Single-Player is our lord and savior my friend. No other mode will ever be as graceful as Single-Player. Kneel before the power of Single-Player mode!

How to play Apple Shooter Unblocked?

You shoot the arrows man. It’s not rocker surgery. It’s easy, you aim and shoot with your friendly Mouse. Nothing more is required.

Tips and Tricks:

Oh, you need help? Really? Well I need some help too my man. Can you help me with small loan of 1 million dollars? No? Well, guess I can’t help you neither. All right, all right. Don’t run to your mum crying like that. I will give you some tips:

  • Hey crybaby, practice makes perfect! And in this game perfect practice makes perfect. Really man, there is no real tips in this game than this. You want to have better aim? Practice!
  • Okay maybe this little trick will help you. I warn you that this is not going to work on longer distances. It only works at few first stages. Try to place end of the mouse cursor above the apple and shoot only after that. In most cases it is going to work.