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Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Introduction and rules

Angry Birds Unblocked is the wildly know flash game and is available to play online! Now listen all you! This awesome flash game has arrived on our website! Now don’t you dare and try to fool me that you have not heard about this game? Don’t you guys have phones? Don’t you guys have Youtube? I know you do! So, stop trying to fool me! Everyone knows this awesome and addictive game and right now it is here! On our website!


You want me to explain details? Really? Okay, okay. First of all, Angry Birds Unblocked awesome 2D game. Why is it awesome? Because it has awesome graphics, level design, sound. What else? Ah yes, awesome physics and yes, all that in one game! I know it does not have deep story and things like that but it never intended to be game like that! It is awesome time killer and I bet you have already killed hundreds of hours with it!

Game modes

Well yes.  This game has only one, Single Player Mode. So, if you are looking for some extra fun, sorry mate. But one thing I can bet on is that you are going to love this game anyway!

How to play Angry Birds Unblocked??

Game controls: Well you guessed it! This game does not have complex controls. I know it has some complex gameplay, like you have to calculate how throw the bird. But guess what, you can do that with you mouse too!

Tips and Tricks:

Well throwing birds should not be that hard, right? Well yes, but actually no. What I mean by that is that, it is easy at first, but gets hard after some levels. So, you might need some tips. And here they are:

  • So, we have different types of birds. Every bird has its unique abilities, so use them wisely.
  • For example, bomber birds explode when you click on them twice and yellow birds go with blazing speed.
  • Also targeting the fragile structures of the building is good thing to do. It does a lots of damage and you will be able to kill lots of pigs at once.