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Age of War

Age of War

Introduction and rules

Age of War Unblocked is the unblocked version of Age of War game series and is available to play online! You will not need to go to proxy websites to play this game anymore. Yes! Finally you are able to play it at school and at work without a trouble. You are able to play it even at library too! Guess it’s the good news for all Age of War fans. For ones who don’t know anything about this game, I will guide you through. You have heard about that legendary game Age of Empires, right? Yes, that old legendary PC strategy game. And why was it legendary? Because it made you experience all civil eras. You started as caveman and advanced into modern tech world. Of course, it also had awesome battle systems and etc. But its main beauty was that advancement feature. Well this game has it!


As we already said, it is a strategy game. Yes, in some ways it is similar to Age of Empire but it’s not 100% look alike. Let me explain. In Age of War Unblocked you are not going to have game design like in AoE. It is different. And also, it implements some features of other games too. What I mean by that is that you also get some tower defense elements in this game. Yes, you know that mods for Warcraft 3 and that TD games on your cell phone? This game has that feature too. Now imagine starting as caveman and advancing into futuristic world while using TD features. If this does not sound fun for you, I don’t know what will. As we said we had different eras in this game. We have Stone Age, Medieval Age, Renaissance Age, Modern and Futuristic Ages available.

Game modes

Well we only have Single-Player mode here. In other games you won’t say that difficulty levels are the mods, but in this game, you can say that they are. Because beating this game on impossible difficulty is whole new experience, trust me.

How to play Age of War Unblocked?

Game controls: No tricks are hidden here! You need your good old friend Mouse to play this game. What? It’s a strategy game. You expected something else?

Tips and Tricks:

Wow! Was not expecting to see you here! What’s wrong my brother? Hmm. Game is getting too hard to beat? Men up my friend! We are here to help you! These tips will guide you to your victory!

  • Choosing right turrets is important! Every age has its best option for turret. For example, in stone age – egg automatic is the best choice. Castle age fire catapult will be the best choice for you. In pilgrim age starting with small cannons and upgrading to explosive cannons will be the right choice. In modern age best idea will be to choose double cannons over missle launchers. And last but not least, in futuristic age, blue ion canons will be the best choice. You can also save money for two super soldiers. Both ways are going to work.