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Age of War 2

Age of War 2

Introduction and rules

Age of War 2 Unblocked is the unblocked version of Age of War game series and is available to play online! Yes, second part of that awesome online strategy game is back baby. And yes, it is still available to play anywhere you want. No limits at school, at work or even at libraries. I have to test that last one though. All right, so I guess it’s a great news for fans. Of course, there will be newcomers to this game. So, for one’s let me explain. First of all, my honest advice will be that check out first part. You will get a taste of this game and you will also come more experienced to this one. Besides that, you will get the idea what this game is about. Yes, it’s strategy game and yes, it looks like Age of Empires.


Calm down! We know you want to know what has changed in second part. We will discuss that here. First of all, of course graphics. I mean every game improves graphics with new parts and this game is no exception. We do have better graphics in this part. Also sound and level designs are improved. You will also get new and interesting levels to play through. And last but certainly not least. You have new ages! Remember that you only had five ages in past game? Now we have seven! Age of War 2 Unblocked brought you Spartan and Egyptian Ages! I mean come on! Who does not want to play for Spartan or Egyptian Empire, right?

Game modes

Single-Player again man. I know, I know. It’s bad that you can’t play it like Age of Empires through Hamachi with friends. But man, it’s online flash game. Do you really expect it to be that advanced?

How to play Age of War 2 Unblocked?

Game controls: No changes here brother! You still need your friendly neighbor Mouse to play this game. Listen, grate strategists always used map and pen, it does not sound cool either. But look at what they have accomplished. Yeah, that’s the point.

Tips and Tricks:

Really brother? I mean we already gave you tips in past game. Oh, I understand. You think that because some things changed in the newer version, there must be new tips, right? Well, there are actually:

  • Spartans are awesome all right? You want to beat that level as cool as possible? Well go for Armored Spartan instead of Spartan turret. I mean come on bro. Spartans are not known for their turrets. They are known for 6pack ab mans.
  • Egyptian level is also cool. I get it. Anubis warriors are even cooler! Get them instead of chariot soldiers and kopesh warriors. Also, Big Bird Turret and wizards are good choice.
  • You want to level up? You need exp. You want exp? Do not use super powers! Seriously though. I know rocks falling from sky and all that stuff looks cool. But it consumes your exp.