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Action Turnip

Action Turnip

Introduction and rules

Action Turnip Unblocked is another awesome flash game and is available to play online! Well, well, well. You don’t know nothing about this game, right? Well neither did me! But turned out that this game is one of the best games of all time! So, you know the deal! It is free, it is on our website, so go and check it out man! What are you waiting for, huh?


Action Turnip Unblocked is kind of your regular 2D shooter game, but it’s not quite that. What I mean by that, is that you get your shooting and jumping aspect, but not in a regular way. For example, who do you think you are playing with? Soldier? Alien? Maybe some kind of mutant? No, no, and no. You are playing as broccoli or whatever that thing is. And art style of this game is different too! I am not saying that graphics are bad. No. they are unique! It’s like someone painted these characters in Microsoft paint and then someone took and animated them. But surprisingly it works!

Game modes

This game has two modes. And I will say here that this game is Single – Player based. So yeah, if you want multi player or to play with your friend this game is not for you. What you get with this game is first: Run’N’ Gun Mode and second: Turnabalt Mode. These sounds little confusing at first so let me explain. In Run’N’ Gun Mode you jump and shoot the enemies. In Turnabalt Mode you have no enemies and your only main goal is to jump as further as you can.

How to play Action Turnip Unblocked?

Game controls:

WASD, Arrow Keys or ZQSD Keys for moving around.

Spacebar – Jump.

Left-click mouse button or numpad keys for shooting.

Turnabalt Mode:

Spacebar or Left-click mouse button for jumping. 

Tips and Tricks:

Well some might think that broccoli-based game is not going to be that hard. But still, some of you might need some tips. Here they are:

  • So, in this game we have boost ups. You know boost cards you get in other games too. For example, like double jump and things like that. At the certain point this boost cards become crucial so be sure to not miss out on them.