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Achievement unlocked 3

Achievement unlocked 3

Introduction and rules

Achievement unlocked 3 is the third game in Achievement unlocked series and its back with surprise! What is that big surprise you might ask? Well no, there is no Avengers reference here but we got you a hamster! Yes, real hamster! (well, it’s not really a hamster it’s guinea pig), but you can’t really tell so here is that! Of, course we also got new achievements to unlock with new levels new puzzles and more new crazy stuff. Oh yeah, I forgot there are folks who don’t know about this game. Okay, so imagine puzzle game, not like in your childhood but online puzzle games. Now imagine that puzzle game is turned into platformer game, sounds exciting right? Now wait, I am about to tell you the best part. You play as an elephant! Yep, I am not kidding you are little cute blue elephant. I mean, that’s awesome!


Okay, lets continue here. So, you are an elephant and what you do is you solve puzzles. But not just regular puzzles but awesome puzzles! You remember Portal game, right? Well it’s not quite that but this game is not that easy to beat too. Also, as you already may have guessed it’s not only about solving puzzles, but about getting achievements! It would not be called Achievement unlocked 3 if it was not about getting achievements, right? I mean sounds pretty logical to me. So, what you do here is not just solving puzzles, but hunting achievements in first place.

Game modes

We got only Single-Player mode available for this game, but believe me, it’s got tons of content. You have 400 achievements to hunt for, 650 pallets, 10 rooms, 10 hamsters, 250 coins, 1,765 blocks and one and only big angry hamster. I mean where else you can get all of that?

How to play Achievement unlocked 3?

Game controls:

  • Use D Key or Right Arrow Key to move right.
  • Click A Key or Left Arrow Key to move left.
  • Use S Key or Down Arrow Key to go down.
  • Click W Key or Up Arrow Key to jump.
  • Use Space Bar to through food up.

Tips and Tricks:

So, you want to hear a tip, huh? Well, my friend here is some for you:

  • You can do double jump by clicking jump key two times!
  • Jumping on the yellow walls will help you to get up!
  • Eat biscuits! They are tasty and get you achievements!
  • Don’t fall on spikes, they are spikey, remember that story? Elephants don’t like spikes
  • And most important thing! Do not tell big angry hamster that he is guinea pig! He will be mad!