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A Koopa’s Revenge 2

A Koopa’s Revenge 2

Introduction and rules

A Koopa’s Revenge 2 is the second game in A Koopa’s Revenge game series and is available to play online! Yes baby! That awesome game is back with it’s second part and you can enjoy it on our website. All right, I know there are folks who have not heard about this awesome game and because of that I will cover that up. Well you all know Mario games, right? You may say that you are not familiar with them but I just won’t believe you. So, stop trying to convince me in that. All right, so you know the Mario. Remember that turtle enemy dudes? Well guess what!  They got their own game! Of course, it is not the same and you are not fighting to rescue the princess, but still. You can say that it’s Mario rip-off.


Well, w got the idea about the game. Now let’s discuss little details. As we said you play as that turtle dude here. But that’s not only character available. You can play as Koopa, Goomba or the Shy Guy! Yes, game gets little more diverse with it. As you already guessed the game is 2D platformer and is story driven. Yes, you will be amazed by hearing the main story! It is really hilarious and interesting. Also, game is really big! And there are hidden medals in this game! By unlocking all this, medals you get secret powerups! So, as you have guessed there are lot’s, of things to do in this game. And last but certainly not least you have to check out this game at least for soundtrack. You will agree with me that soundtrack in this game is really awesome!

Game modes

Well the game is single player. There is no multiplayer available, but still we have two modes available. We have our regular Story Mode available and we get Medal Mode available. As we already said you unlock hidden medals in this game which grant you secret abilities. And after that you can replay Story Mode but with medal powerups.

How to play A Koopa’s Revenge 2?

Game controls:

  • Use Arrow Keys to move around.
  • Click S Key to jump.
  • Use A Key to run/attack.
  • Click F Key to swipe item from box.
  • Use Mouse to navigate menus.

Tips and Tricks:

Hello adventurer! Tired of failing? Need some tips and advices? Of course, we will be happy to help you out!

  • First of all, take it slow! You might think that game is easy but it is not as easy as you think. Take your time and learn game mechanics.
  • As we said above take it slow, but also master your mechanics! Game is really long and you have to get comfortable with controls and game mechanics in order to beat the game.
  • Observe the levels! There are hidden locations and shortcuts in each level, so make sure to observe every level carefully!
  • Attack but do not rush! By that we mean that some enemies will make you to chase them while attacking so much that you may end up failing.