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4th and goal

4th and goal

Introduction and rules

4th and Goal Unblocked is the unblocked version of 4th and goal game and is available to play online! NFL fans are going ape, I guess. I know guys, I know. It is really good news for you. I am happy for all of you. You finally are able to play this game anywhere you wish guys! Your favorite NFL game is back with unblocked version! Well of course we all agree that It is not Madden NFL game, but still. It is enough fun for online gamers! And also, it’s free man so you can’t argue on that.


I am not going to explain this game, because I know that everyone knows what NFL is. And if you are two- year old kid, ask your father to tell you what it is. Well graphics of this game is not top notch of course. But still it is playable. And you know what? The main goal of this game is to give you NFL experience and it does its job pretty well.

Game modes

Well listen man! We have different options to choose from. I mean game is still Single-Player but in Single-Player we have some options! We have championship game and also playoff tournament. In Championship mode you play single game. In Playoff tournament you play series of game which leads to championship game. You also have 3 return options to choose from. And also, you can set time of match.

How to play 4th and Goal Unblocked?

Game controls:

  • Use Up Arrow Key to move up.
  • Use Left Arrow Key to move left.
  • Click Right Arrow Key to move right.
  • Use Down Arrow Key to move down.
  • Click A, S, or D Keys to pass the ball.
  • Use Space Bar Key to do spin moves while running.
  • Click Space Bar Key to do big hits while in defense mode.
  • Use W Key while running for speed boost.

Tips and Tricks:

Let me think. Tips, hmm. Oh, right football player also needs tips. Well sorry to say brother but there is not much besides obvious things. Of course, I will list them down, but don’t get your hopes high.

  • Practice is the only thing man! I know I am getting repetitive by this but hey. It works for everything and it works for this game too!
  • Learn how to use defense. Knowing how to defend yourself is crucial in real NFL and it is here too. With using your defense in right time, you will get advantage.