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2D Air Hockey

2D Air Hockey

Introduction and rules

2D Air Hockey Unblocked is another awesome flash game and is available to play online! This awesome flash game has arrived on our website! Come on guys! I know you know what this game is about! Do you want me to believe that you have never gone to arcade game place? Or you have never seen games like this at your local theatre? Yep it’s that Hockey game you played there but now it’s on PC!


Well there is no much details to talk about in this game. It’s your regular 2D sports game and as we already said this time it is about hockey! Does it have awesome new graphics? No! Does that make game less fun? No! I mean you played real life arcade version of hockey game, right? Is it fancy? No! Is it hell lot of fun to play? Of course, it is! Same applies to this game brother!

Game modes

This game really standard simple modes to choose from.  I know it’s a boomer but you can’t play this game with your friends. I know, sounds bad, but you are able to play only against PC here. But don’t worry, PC gets really intense when you play it on Hard difficulty so yeah! As I already said we have some simple modes like: Easy, Medium and Hard. I got to say it is not as simple to beat the PC as you think.   

How to play 2D Air Hockey Unblocked?

Game controls: you will be surprised but you are going to need only your majestic mouse! Yep, you control your ball or whatever that is using only your mouse! Good luck!

Tips and Tricks:

Welcome player! Hungry for some tips I see. Well I am not going to judge you or anything but, playing 2D Air Hockey Unblocked is not really that complex. All right, all right, don’t worry I won’t leave you without tips. Here they are:

  • So game is really easy on easy mode and you can do some experiments. But as soon as you switch to medium you will notice the difference.
  • Game gets harder and in order to not let goals you have to keep near your goalpost. It’s the best way to make your goalpost safe and also to score too!
  • Do not’, I repeat do not go far from your goalpost when you play hard mode, because PC get’s really intense and you might be beaten very soon.