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13 Days in Hell

13 Days in Hell

Introduction and rules

13 Days in Hell unblocked is the unblocked version of 13 Days in Hell game and is available to play online! You can play it anywhere you want man! You can play at school, at work and at library my friend. There is no limit! It is also free so you can save your money too! If you are not fan of this popular flash game, don’t worry. I will be your guide. Do you guys remember that awesome first Doom game? Yes, I am talking about that first Doom which you could install from Floppy Disk? Huh. No one is using floppy disks these days. Anyway, you remember that game, right? come on dude. Just search it on Youtube and you will get the better idea. Yes, I would say that this game is like Doom but except the thing that you can’t move in this game.


Let’s continue here. Atmosphere, graphics and design. Just look at it. It does look like Doom, right? Sounds? Well we can argue about that, but in some places it sounds familiar. I already said that there is one big difference. You can’t move in this game. Also, you are not on Mars here. You are in hell! Well you are in hell in doom too, but before you have to get at Mars. And of course, this game is nearly not as big as Doom. But it has 13 different levels to survive, so you will get yourself some challenge.

Game modes

Single-Player is the mode. Why? Because it is the mode. We also have 3 different difficulty modes. Easy, Medium and Hard Mode. You might think that difficulty can’t be counted as modes, but you will be wrong. Playing 13 days in hell unblocked on hard mode is another game.

How to play 13 Days in Hell Unblocked?

Game controls:

  • Use Mouse to aim and shoot.
  • Click 1,2,3,4,5,6 to switch weapons.
  • Use R Key or Space Bar to reload.
  • Click P Key to pause the game and open game menu.

Tips and Tricks:

How to survive in hell? Well that’s the question I am not getting asked often for sure. Let me think. First of all, try not to get in the hell in first place. But if you still ended up in the hell and have to survive there, these tips might help you:

  • Master your aim! Aiming for the head is always the good option. Try to aim in the head and watch how their heads are exploding. Of course, you can damage by shooting in other parts too, but headshots are deadly in most cases. Don’t be fooled though. Some monsters are not going to die from headshots. But still it will do more damage, than shots to the other parts.
  • Choose your weapon right! Do you really think that you can take down that big ass monster with pistol? Think again man.