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1 on 1 soccer

1 on 1 soccer

Introduction and rules

1 On 1 Soccer Unblocked is the unblocked version of 1 On 1 Soccer game and is available to play online! You can finally have fun with your friends at school and at work man! This game has finally arrived in unblocked version! Woo! Come on, you are not fooling anyone! This game is one of the most played online flash games man. You have to know it! Even if you don’t know it name says it all man. It’s soccer game man. I mean of course it’s not FIFA 19 or PES, but still. It’s soccer game man. And you can play it anywhere you want. So, there is no reason to turn this game down.


Of course, as we said this game is not as good as FIFA for sure. But it’s flash game man and it is fun. Animation of this game is really funny and enjoyable. Also, mechanics are fun to play with. You are also able to choose from different countries to play with. And last but not least you can play against your friend! Yes, it is a two-player game and who does not love to play against their friend, right?

Game modes

In this game we have Single-Player and Two-Player mode available. Single-Player mode enables you to play against computer. Two-Player mode enables you to play against your friend. Yes, Single-Player is all good and stuff, but Two-Player is the mode which this game was made for.

How to play 1 On 1 Soccer Unblocked?

Well as long as we have Two Player mode, we also have two control options. Here they are:

Player 1

  • Use Up Arrow Key to jump.
  • Click Left Arrow Key to move left.
  • Use Right Arrow Key to move right.
  • Click Move Keys to kick the ball


Player 2

  • Use W Key to jump.
  • Click A Key to move left.
  • Use D Key to move right.
  • Click Move Keys to kick the ball 

Tips and Tricks:

Hey players. Need some tips? Well technically saying we do not have real tips for you, but we got some cheats. As you already may have noticed game has cheats bar in the menu. So here are some cheats for you!

  • thEbeAtleS” opens The Beatles team for you.
  • thERStoNes” opens the Rolling Stones team for you.
  • floSATball” gives you wall.
  • flyiSgmoDE” enables you to fly.
  • bOwliSbaLi” gives you baseball ball.
  • teNniSbaLI” gives you tennis ball.
  • beSaChbAll” gives you beach ball.
  • loWgraSiTy” lowers gravity.
  • AllSowsAme” allows you to be on the same team.
  • SpeEdItuPp” gives you speed boost.